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TMS has an uncanny way of showing us where we are stuck in life, both inside ourselves, and in our outer life. Self-Treating TMS moves us from suffering in our chronic pain and other health conditions, toward a deeper relationship with ourselves. Understanding that we have co-created our symptoms is not a reason to beat ourselves up. It is a call to deepening.

Ultimately, I see this as a journey of a Soul to be closer to its own experience, to reclaim precious parts of its existence. This inner relationship, learned by self-attunement, re-opens our aliveness, and is deeply satisfying. This is the unforeseen gift of TMS.

We must confront our inner and outer obstacles, and also be sensitive to our fears. Ignoring or repressing feelings that arise —in an effort to do Dr. Sarno’s approach— is a trap, because we end up not being here for ourselves in a way that the Soul finds satisfying.

I find that we all have stumbling blocks in executing Dr. Sarno’s basic TMS program. There are doubts about the diagnosis. There is fear about the pain. There are setbacks. We must be compassionate for ourselves, and at the same time challenge the beliefs and thinking patterns that perpetuate the symptoms. We are called to ask deeply for what we want, and at the same time be exactly where we are.

This balance between what what we want and where we find ourselves entails learning about our limitations, our hurt, our thwarted desires in life. By being steadfast in our feelings, we may find a new understanding of our life, and our relationships.

Another aspect of growth related to the TMS journey is finding exactly what works for us to relieve our symptoms. This means a deep individuation as we attune to what we need. We are not the “someone else” who inspires us on a forum board. We are ourselves.  The application of Sarno’s principles to our lives needs to respond to our individual experience, and our history.

Exploring our experience with precision, and experimenting and following through with what actually works for us is a challenge to be ourselves at a deeper, more integrated level. This is the journey of the Soul.

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