My Approach

I offer personal support to help you reach your goals for daily TMS practices. As you engage with a Home Program, I teach self awareness, self-empathy, “taking a stand in life,” and allowing difficult feelings to arise. These skills arise naturally as we gain a greater awareness of our lives. See my Resources page, for links to Home Programs.

Skills Clients Learn:

Awareness of the Inner Critic and the best means to disengage from its relentless self-rejection. Why is self-hate part of our psyche? What is its (loving) goal?

Self-empathy practices which address our life-long need to be held and seen exactly as we are. These practices provide an antidote to self-rejection.

Body awareness which opens us to inner dynamics –beyond thinking. The mind-body learns deeply that feelings are OK. The unknown is OK.

I teach Gestalt techniques, attachment dynamics, mindfulness, object relations, transference and parts theory. These awareness tools open the way to allowing our inner dynamism to be.

These powerful self inquiry tools challenge the repressive activities that fuel TMS symptoms. We become aware of the inner dynamics, conflicts, and energies that want to be known. Being seen, elements like anger or neediness lose the need to hide under distracting symptoms. The distracting symptoms (TMS) may then subside.

The personality traits that typical TMS sufferers have require special self-care. “Perfectionists” hold unrealistic expectations of themselves. “Goodists” have a deep need to be seen as OK by others, and will often not attune to themselves. Both of these traits create rage in the Inner Child. Rage is usually not OK for a Perfectionist or a Goodist. This conflict and rage needs to be seen, and held lovingly. I am a Goodist and a Perfectionist, so I understand!

What I provide isn’t therapy. I offer training in allowing the energy of feelings to be OK in our bodies.

Dr. Schubiner, a mind-body physician who uses Dr. Sarno’s breakthrough understanding for his patients says his successful TMS patients learn to “stand their ground.” For the inner life, this means developing the strength to allow ourselves to Be. This is a learning process, and I can help.