Clients’ Experience

Pain Treatment

“I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease shortly after the birth of my son, and for years I had severe insomnia, brain fog, muscle spasms, and depression.  Andy’s compassionate guidance inspired me to learn about TMS and to delve deep into the ways my personal history, unfelt feelings, and limiting beliefs contributed to my symptoms.  His grounded presence, insightful questions, and spot-on recommendations for practices were tremendously supportive of my healing process.  My symptoms are now much-reduced and some are almost completely gone.  When symptoms do arise, I meet them with the confidence that they do not have power over me like they once did; I am not afraid of them anymore. The tools I’ve learned and used addressing TMS will be valuable for the rest of my life, and for that, I am very grateful.” –Sarah, Ashland, Oregon

“I’m writing this as both a physician and a patient.  As a physician it has become clear that much or most of chronic pain is a malfunction in our brain, interpreting signals from our world that should represent emotions, memories or fears as pain instead.  The scientific literature is clear on this.  And at the same time we in medicine have very few cognitive tools to deal with these chronic pain cases.  The TMS approach offers a real and effective possible solution for any patient suffering with chronic pain.

As a patient I had the chance to work with Andy Bayliss over the course of about a year trying to alleviate my sciatica.  He is an exceptionally compassionate, non-judgmental, and skilled practitioner.  My symptoms improved with his help and would probably continue to do so if I had the discipline to stick with the programs.

TMS won’t cure everyone’s pain every time.   But everyone who does it will get personal growth, emotional and spiritual benefits through the process.

I encourage anyone with chronic pain to consider this approach.” –Chris Alftine, MD

“I’ve suffered from debilitating migraines for over twenty years. I’ve gone to all sorts of doctors and healers and therapists. I’ve tried everything I possibly could, from medication to diet changes to essential oils to hypnotherapy, with no change. It was depressing, and I felt hopeless. With Andy’s help, I’ve applied the Sarno method and I’ve seen a huge, life-changing reduction in the headaches. And it didn’t require drugs or lifestyle changes or years of talk therapy or anything other than changing my mindset, really. The difference between my quality of life then and now is striking. I feel optimistic and energetic for the first time in years. I am so much more relaxed, and no longer afraid of pain ruining my life. Andy is a superb teacher, synthesizing the essence of this practice in a way that makes it clear and easy to implement. I can’t recommend his work highly enough.” –Lucinda Weatherby Ashland, Oregon

“I just wanted to give you an update that I’ve been doing really well. And the pain almost never happens anymore. And when it happens, it feels more funny and comical then scary. The fact that you reiterated that I was on the right path, and also the inner critic work was very interesting and something that I remind myself of when I’m feeling critical of myself.” –Nicklas, from Sweden

“I had chronic hip pain which I thought was a medical issue. I was medically checked as “OK,” and began using Andy’s techniques. I have had insomnia for several decades. With Andy’s support and guidance, I now sleep very well most nights, and my chronic pain has stopped. This has changed my life.” –Mary Lou, Ashland Oregon

“I experienced 2+ years of unexplained foot pain that did not respond to any treatment, including surgery. Then I discovered Dr. Sarno’s work and others’ regarding TMS. I had many ups and downs, but as I decreased my doubt and fear, my foot pain subsided.

My work with Andy helped me with empathy toward myself and learning to forgive myself. He helped me to be in the moment and accept what I was feeling. Through Skype sessions, I was able to fully and completely accept myself.

I think a key was finally being kind to myself and loving myself for who I am, mind and body. Andy’s work was very helpful. More than anything in the last 3 weeks, I have WITHOUT a doubt accepted that TMS was/is the cause of all my issues and that is refreshing.” –Shane, Wisconsin

“The work I did with Andy was instrumental to my healing. He gave me practical tools to deal with my inner critic and reassure my inner child, right in the moment. I still use these tools every day. Andy was also such a patient and compassionate witness to my pain. Being heard and seen was something I needed to heal from TMS.

If you feel stuck in your TMS healing journey, I would definitely recommend working with Andy. He was always gentle, available and very knowledgeable of Dr. Sarno’s work.” –Nancy R. Montreal, Canada

“I am grateful for Andy sharing his knowledge of TMS, and what that means, with me: the invitation to delve ever deeper into a better understanding of self. Feeling like I have a very useful tool to use as I journey through life’s transitions. Thanks Andy!” –M Kampmann

Self-Compassion and the Inner Critic

“I have been assisted by Andy Bayliss many times over a 20 year period. He is a very skillful listener, compassionate observer and very insightful coach. He has helped me tremendously through upheavals in my life. At other times I have been able to go really deep in my process and gain invaluable insight. He has through the years done a lot of self discovery which shows up in how he very skillfully has worked with me. I deeply appreciate the work and assistance he has given me throughout the years.” –Ted Sundin, M.D., Psychiatrist

“Of all the inner work I have done over the years, the work that Andy and I have done is I believe the most important. Andy is particularly good at working with Inner Critic activity.” –Brent Poulton

“Working with Andy has helped me learn to live my life in a new way I always dreamt of and never knew was possible. While I’ve always considered myself aware, I was amazed at the new level of inquiry I was able to attain during our sessions. Another significant take-away was learning to use humor as a tool to manage my Inner Critic. Andy strikes a great balance of holding space and reflecting back; his modeling of compassion was exactly what I needed to cultivate self-compassion, and I’m forever grateful.” –Michelle H., Portland, Oregon

“Andy’s compassionate listening changed my life.”  –Connie

“Andy’s work with individuals and groups is based on a foundation of years of spiritual practice and self reflection. He has a unique ability to create a space that feels safe enough to allow the work to go to a deep level where true healing can take place. He has the ability to meet each person exactly where they are and offer them a path to move forward. His humor and ability to laugh at himself is an inspiration to anyone working with him to treat themselves with more kindness.

    I find Andy’s chants to be magical.  He combines a sensitivity to the emotional context beneath the words with an ability to voice the chant with strength and passion that supports the full range of feelings in the words.” –Norton, Talent Oregon

Self-Compassion Training Class Participants

“This is the most powerful workshop I’ve ever taken to help me accept all of who I am.” –Participant, Self-Compassion Training With Andy Bayliss and Natasha, 2017

“The more I did the homework the more I found a resting place, a support for my inflamed emotions. When I had practiced the skills, I was more aware of the control I have of managing intense emotions. Awareness of the Inner Critic’s presence and how to deal with it was a relief.” –Participant, Self-Compassion Training With Andy Bayliss and Natasha, 2017