Spiritual Journey

For clients who have cured their pain, do not suffer from TMS, or want to learn more about life in addition to TMS coaching, I offer a system of self-awareness which supports an individual’s unique unfolding. We learn to be exactly where we are, and allow a natural deepening into this moment. This approach uses the personality and the daily difficulties we experience to access deep states of Being.

We learn to relax into our Being because we are not denying our human experience; we are loving and holding ourselves in our suffering. At the same time, we see more of our natural radiance and beauty. Satisfying states of peace, freedom, understanding, and “coming home” may arise. Over time these experiences induct us into an implicit understanding of the meaning of our lives, moment-to-moment.  We learn the Preciousness of our Existence.

This work is for mature clients who have mastered the basics of creating and maintaining a supportive outer life, including relationships, work, and play. This inner work is not counseling, since I am not a qualified counselor or psychotherapist. I am a Life Coach and teacher of inner life.

Contact me to see if this kind of support might be right for you.