Andy is a very skillful listener, compassionate observer and very insightful coach. I deeply appreciate the work and assistance he has given me throughout the years.—Ted Sundin, MD Psychiatrist


Skiing Again After Recovering From Three Years Debilitating Foot Pain, Using Dr. Sarno’s Method. Yahoo!

Dr. Sarno’s break-through understanding of mind-body symptoms cured me of severe foot pain. At least eight physicians concluded I needed surgery, yet they were all wrong. The diagnosis varied between plantar fasciitis and nerve damage. Here is a detailed medical history of my diagnoses and treatments. As I applied my understanding of the Inner Critic with Dr. Sarno’s guidance, I went from three years on crutches —to mountaineering, in a matter of a few months. I got my life back, and avoided needless surgery. Dr. Sarno’s approach can probably help you too.

The Mind-Body Syndrome —or Tension Myositis Syndrome as Dr. John Sarno first designated it, causes a large variety of body symptoms including pain, numbness, weakness, digestive problems, migraine headaches, etc. He discovered that these symptoms arise as a defense mechanism (a distraction) so that we don’t feel underlying difficult emotions like anger, fear, or neediness.

I help my clients learn self-empathy, disengaging from the Inner Critic, and mind/body awareness practices which relieve TMS symptoms. These tools go to the heart of Dr. Sarno’s brilliant understanding of the mind-body because they help us relieve the pressure between the Inner Child or Id, and the Superego. We learn to work more skillfully with pain, anxiety and fear, reducing inner tension. We open ourselves to more feeling. Our self-acceptance grows.

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